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Generali Investments CEE was awarded for its social responsibility

Generali Investments CEE achieved success in Zlatá koruna (Golden Crown) competition. In its special category – Award for Social Responsibility – the company came second in the public vote for its contribution to the establishment of the Seniors Support Fund. The public thus appreciated the fact that the company, in response to the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, donated CZK 1.5 million to Výbor dobré vůle – Nadace Olgy Havlové (Goodwill Committee – Foundation of Olga Havlová) and supported the emerging fund aimed at protecting the group of people most vulnerable to coronavirus.

A number of companies have recently been trying to find methods of how to respond to the crisis caused by the pandemic of the new type of coronavirus, and in particular how to stand in solidarity and provide aid to those most in need. “We are pleased that the public appreciate our activities. The COVID-19 pandemic put us in a position where we simply could not remain indifferent, we felt our duty to lend a hand where needed,“ says Josef Beneš, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Generali Investments CEE of the award, adding: “We have been cooperating with the Goodwill Committee for a long time, so it seemed logical for us to support the emerging Seniors Support Fund and through it also the field social services, making sure, that – during the emergency period – seniors are not left isolated at home without supplies of food and medicines, or without health assistance.”

The Foundation’s existence was delimited for the period of extraordinary measures adopted by the Czech government. CZK 1.5 million given to the Fund by Generali Investments CEE was distributed between about 30 to 40 organizations, and was used to cover the costs of care services, travel allowance for care services, purchase of protective agents and disinfectants, as well as the operation of the crisis line. In addition to Generali Investments CEE, other companies also got involved in this project, as well as donations from the public. The total amount collected as of today has exceeded CTK 3.5 million.

This year’s characteristics: the fight against coronavirus

The Zlatá koruna competition has been granting awards each year for the best financial products in the Czech market continuously since 2003. It takes place under the auspices of the Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic and the Governor of the Czech National Bank, gaining a high reputation in particular for having the products evaluated by the Financial Academy, consisting of almost 400 experts. Since 2016, Zlatá koruna also has been granting the Award for Social Responsibility to banks and insurers.

This year was characterised by aid in the period of the coronavirus crisis. Thereby, the awards were granted to projects associated with social responsibility and focused on the fight against the pandemic and reducing its impacts. The public voted for winning projects through an online survey prepared for this competition by the agency Bahavio. The Golden Crown award was received by Pillow Insurance Company for its project ‘Rebate for undriven kilometres’, the second position and the Silver Crown was taken by the above mentioned initiative of Generali Investments CEE, and the Aid package from MONETA Bank came third.

Generali Investments CEE has been financially supporting not only the Goodwill Committee – Foundation of Olga Havlová but also other partner organisations that provide assistance to disabled people or to socially disadvantaged groups, or that run various public benefit activities. We can mention, for example, the cooperation with Nadace Leontinka (Leontinka Foundation), Dětské centrum Paprsek (Paprsek Children's Centre), Nadace Jakuba Voráčka (Jakub Voráček’s Foundation) and many other organisations.