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Information published under MiFID II

In accordance with Section 15n (5) of Act No. 256/2004 Coll., the Capital Market Undertakings Act and other implementing regulations, we are hereby informing you about the TOP 5 venues used by Generali investments CEE, investiční společnost a.s. (the "Company") to execute orders as part of its provision of investment services to clients. These are the most important venues for the Company in terms of traded volume.

On the link below, you will find an overview of the TOP 5 venues ranked by traded volume in 2022, separately for each financial instrument category.

Separate overviews are also provided for:

  • professional and retail clients
  • trading venues, and third parties who execute orders on behalf of the Company (brokers)
  • SFT instruments and other instruments.

The reports can be found here.

In 2022, the Company executed all orders in accordance with the Rules for the Execution of Trades and in sufficient execution quality.

As part of a quarterly review process, both qualitative (analysis of proportion of executed orders with best price and other factors) and quantitative parameters (negative media presence, benchmarks, quality of communication and execution, experience with back office and others) are evaluated for all trading venues and third parties who execute orders on behalf of the Company.

Data from 2021 download here.

Data from 2020 download here.

Data from 2019 download  here.

Data from 2018 download here.

Data from 2017 download here.