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Generali Dynamic Balanced Fund

This Fund is designed for less conservative clients who want to combine benefits of higher potential appreciation of equities and lower volatility of bond component of the portfolio. Recommended minimum investment horizon is 5 years. The portfolio of the Fund is divided between the equity and bond component where the proportion of equities in the neutral scenario reaches 60%, one third of which comes from the emerging markets region, the rest is represented by a selection of global equities. The bond component consists of a balanced mix of government and corporate bonds, in particular from the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

Degree of risk - SRI

Investment horizon


Fund Performance Performance Scenarios

Current NAV per unit 21.09.2023

NAV per Unit 11.1 EUR
Fund Performance per 1month -0.45 %
Fund Performance per 3 months -0.54 %
Fund Performance per 6 months 2.78 %
Fund Performance per 12 months 7.04 %
Fund Performance since the beginning of the year 5.11 %
Fund Performance per 3 years -1.07 %
Fund Performance per 3 years p.a. -0.36 %
Fund Performance per 5 years -1.25 %
Fund Performance per 5 years p.a. -0.25 %
Výkonnost fondu za 10 let N/A %
Výkonnost fondu za 10 let p.a. N/A %
Fund Performance per 1 year. 2022 -18.14 %
Fund Performance per 1 year. 2021 5.82 %
Fund Performance per 1 year. 2020 3.83 %
Fund Performance per 1 year. 2019 10.86 %
Fund Performance per 1 year. 2018 -6.86 %
Fund Performance per 1 year. 2017 7.98 %
Fund Performance per 1 year. 2016 6.04 %
Fund Performance per 1 year. 2015 -2.65 %
Fund Performance per 1 year. 2014 2 %


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Legal warning
This is a marketing communication. The value of the investment may fluctuate over the life of the investment and, unless otherwise stated, the return on the amount originally invested is not guaranteed. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. In some cases, the return to the investor may be increased or decreased due to exchange rate fluctuations. The value of securities issued by a fund with a summary risk indicator of 4 or higher may have a high volatility. Detailed information, including information on fees and risks and investment strategies, can be found in the key investor information document in the English language and/or in the articles of association/ prospectus of the relevant fund in the English language, for funds domiciled in Ireland in the English language. The documents are available electronically on the website of Generali Investments CEE, investiční společnost, a.s. (hereinafter referred to as "GIC") .  Information on the investor rights is provided in English in the Information on the Company which is availablehere. These documents are available in paper form at the Company's registered office, at its contact point and at the Company's contractual partners. For funds domiciled in Ireland, the manager may decide to repeal the measures taken for the purpose of offering.

Full wording of the risk warning can be found HERE.