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Partner Invest

Your investment for life

Life investment program

  • One decision, one product to fulfill your dreams

  • Convenient, no worries

Even with normal income you can earn money by investing.

You can get to larger sums through smaller amounts. You will not get rich overnight. It will be a long-distance run, but you only need to shoot an imaginary starting gun. The financial experts with years of experience will lead  your investment to reach the target in due time and will make sure that it does not lose its power at the finish.

With PARTNER Invest product you will only determine for how long and how much you want to invest. The product will také care of everything else.

It is a product for all your investment life. It know best what investments are the right for you at each stage of your life.

PARTNER Invest will adjust your portfolio to correct proportion of safe aqnd more dynamic assets on a regular basis. It will decrease the level of risk as you will be approaching the end of your investment horizon. It will lead your investments in safe waters tro finally lock your achieved appreciation. Even if any global catastrophe occurred in this period, for example a huricane, it will not take your money away because it will be anchored in a safe harbour.

You can invest in a lump sum at the beginning (at least EUR 100), with extraordinary payments during the whole investment period or with smaller amounts (at least EUR 10) on a regular basis. It is up to you.

Your investment for life

your dreams

  • Phase 1

    40 - 13 years
  • Phase 2

    12 - 9 years
  • Phase 3

    8 - 6 years
  • Phase 4

    5 - 3 years
  • Phase 5

    2 - 1 years

More detailed information on the product is in the Technical description

Stop wasting time pondering what all you will never have, and CHANGE IT with PARTNER Invest!

Life investment program which will be a long standing and stable partner on your way to realizing your dreams.

Basic information

Product name PARTNER Invest (PAR-EUR)
Bank account IBAN: CZ4255000000005020018438
Variable symbol specified in the confirmation of product establishment
Regular investment - Minimum amount of regular investment 10 EUR
Single payment investment - Minimum amount of the first investment 100 EUR
Minimum amount of next investments 10 EUR

Price list

1. Entrance feePhase 1Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4Phase 5
in % from invested amount40-13 years*12-9 years*8-6 years*5-3 years*2-1 year*
0-3 999 EUR 4,00% 3,25% 2,25% 1,45% 0,50%
4 000-19 999 EUR 3,70% 2,98% 2,05% 1,29% 0,40%
20 000-39 999 EUR 3,30% 2,63% 1,80% 1,10% 0,30%
40 000-99 999 EUR 3,00% 2,38% 1,63% 0,98% 0,25%
100,000-199,999 EUR 2,50% 1,98% 1,35% 0,81% 0,20%
200,000 EUR and more 1.50% 1.20% 0.83% 0.51% 0.15%
2. Exit fee 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
3. Max. annual fee for program administration 2,58% 2,40% 2,05% 1,84% 1,55%

* years of individual Phases reflect the standard setting of the PARTNER Invest Program

Conversions from Funds to PARTNER Invest program**

Target phasePhase 1Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4Phase 5
Source Fund Generali CEE DIP Generali CEE DBIP Generali CEE BIP Generali CEE CBIP Generali CEE CIP
Generali CEE Cash & Bond Fund 3,00% 2,45% 1,70% 1,11% 0,40%
Generali CEE Corporate Bond Fund 2,00% 1,50% 1,00% 0,50% 0,00
Equity Funds* 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00

**Generali CEE Global Brands Fund, Generali CEE New Economies Fund, Generali CEE Oil Industry & Energy Production Fund, Generali CEE Commodity Fund

** Conversions from Funds into Investment programs (Phases) are charged at the level of individual Funds, i.e. according to weights of each Fund in a given Program. The tables shows recalculated values at the level of programs (Phases).

Generali CEE DIP - Generali CEE Dynamical Investment Program, Generali CEE DBIP - Generali CEE Dynamic Balanced Investment Program, Generali CEE BIP - Generali CEE Balanced Investment Program, Generali CEE CBIP - Conservative Balanced Investment Program, Generali CEE CIP - Generali CEE Conservative Investment Program

Principles of PARTNER Invest program

The program consists of five consecutive model portfolios (phases) with a predetermined composition and duration. Each stage contains a different proportion of equity and bond funds combined with money market funds. The duration of individual phases gradually decreases as the proportion of conservative instruments in the portfolio grows.

The composition of individual phases varies depending on the investment period. Your investments are automatically moved one by one from equity investment strategies to more conservative ones. In this respect, PARTNER Invest is based on the portfolio structure of Generali Invest CEE investment programs. Your investment is included in a relevant phase based on the investment period specified by you (“investment horizon”). When any particular phase has finished, the investment is automatically moved to the next phase. Moreover, your portfolio is annually adjusted into the correct investment proportions to maximize the benefits at a lower level of risk – it is rebalanced.

The composition of mutual funds is rebalanced each year into the basic settings within the current phase. The composition of conservative and dynamic funds is adjusted during the transition between different phases. The proportion of conservative funds at the end of the whole product is increased to 100%. This aim of this principle called the "investment brake" is to prevent the asset value from being subject to high volatility at the end of the product, which is typical for dynamic funds. The objective is to achieve the appreciation over the long-term investment into dynamic funds and to preserve the achieved asset value at the end of the PARTNER Invest program period.

Portfolio composition

Phase typeNumber of yearsEquity FundsBond FundsGenerali CEE Cash & Bond Fund
Phase 1 - DIP 40-13 100% - -
Phase 2 - DBIP 12-9 75% 25% -
Phase 3 - BIP 8-6 50% 25% 25%
Phase 4 - CBIP 5-3 25% 45% 30%
Phase 5 CIP 2-1 - 50% 50%

EIP - Generali CEE Equity Investment Program, DIP - Generali CEE Dynamic Investment Program, BIP - Generali CEE Balanced Investment Program, CBP - Generali CEE Conservative Balanced Investment Program, CIP - Generali CEE Conservative Investment Program

Composition of investment instruments – individual mutual funds

Phase 1 - - 25% 25% 35% 15%
Phase 2 - 25% 20% 20% 25% 10%
Phase 3 25% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5%
Phase 4 30% 45% 15% - 10% -
Phase 5 50% 50% - - - -

CBF-EUR: Generali CEE Cash & Bond Fund, COF-EUR: Generali CEE Corporate Bonds Fund, GBF-EUR: Generali CEE Global Brand Funds, OEF-EUR: Generali CEE Oil Industry & Energy Production Fund, NEF-EUR: Generali CEE New Economies Fund, COMF-EUR: Generali CEE Commodity Fund

Changing dreams into reality is not expensive

The amount of the entrance fee depends on the invested amount and the phases in which you invest. If you specify the target amount, then you will subscribe a fee according to the current phase and you will pay no additional entrance fees until you exceed this amount. Up to this amount you can invest by both regular amounts and one-off deposits. You can always increase the target amount and you will pay only the fee from the difference. If you do not increase the target amount in advance, the investments in excess of this amount will be charged as one-off payments.

Examples of calculating the entrance fees can be found in the PARTNER Invest in examples section.

Target Amount

Example 1 Subscription of Target Amount

Customer has set the following parameters:

  • standard program settings (initial phase = Phase 1)
  • investment period: 30 years
  • target amount: 14,400 EUR (40 EUR per month)

Calculation of the entrance fee: 3.7% x 14,400 = 532.80 EUR

Example 2 Increase of Target Amount

Within the program, a customer has decided to increase the monthly payments to 80 EUR per month. This decision was made 7 years before the program end (Phase 3).

  • Original target amount: 14,400 EUR
  • Increase of the target amount by: 40 x 12 x 7 = 3,360 EUR

Entrance fee calculation: from the difference 3,360 EUR = 2.25% x 3,360 = 75.60 EUR

Note: If the customer does not increase the target amount in advance, investments in excess of this amount will be charged as one-off payments.