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Generali Invest Account

Opportunity not only to earn but also to save

  • no fee for establishing and maintenance of an account, transactions or statements

  • attractive appreciation

  • suitable for temporary investment of funds when you do not know whether you will spend or invest in these funds

  • in addition to a current account when you want to save on bank fees

  • alternative to a savings account when you want more attractive appreciation

  • opportunity for above-average and long-term high-appreciation of continuously invested funds

  • fast access to invested money without any sanctions

  • convenient access over the Internet and phone

  • overview of all transactions and achieved appreciation

Generali Invest Account brings the following benefits

  • interesting revenue on the priciple of regular investment
  • regular payments free of charge, without any fees
  • establishment of a short-term financial reserve
  • securing a long-term reserve for your financial freedom
  • and this all in one agreement

How Generali Invest Account works?

Generali Invest Account is a solution for those who want to have their money effectively organized and under control. For those, who want to have the money in reserve, to fulfil their dreams, who intend to secure themselves as well as their family in the future. Who want to earn money, but also to save.

Through Generali Invest Account your regular transactions will be settled free of charge. At the same time you will be able to establish a short-term financial reserve, which will protect you from fear of unpleasant surprises like broken washing machine, car requiring repairs etc.

To achieve your long-term plans, you can use PARTNER Invest life investment program. PARTNER Invest provides a simple way to generate a long-term financial reserve, to secure your financial freedom, to fulfil your dreams. It will show you that even with average income you can earn money, that you can get to large sums through small amounts. In the case of PARTNER Invest life program it is enough to determine for how long and how much you want to invest. PARTNER Invest will take care of everything else. It consists of several consecutive model portfolios with predetermined composition and duration. Towards the end of the investment period, the program will in time reduce risk, and will lock the achieved appreciation. With PARTNER Invest you can invest comfortably, without any worries.

You will need to arrange only one thing - to send a monthly amount to the account number of Generali Invest Account, and your Generali Invest Account will will take care of everything else. In addition, you will have your money under control 24 hours a day via the Internet.

How much should you send to you Generali Invest Account a month?

Sum up your individual monthly payments and add the amount you want to invest regularly to fulfil your dreams (purchase of a new car, renovation of your flat, holidays). Round up this sum which will also enable for you to create a short-term financial reserve for unexpected expenses (such as washing machine repair, new tyres etc.).

Generali Invest Account will allow you to immediately solve several needs at once:

  • you will interestingly appreciate your temporarily available short-term funds
  • through regular investment you will be building a long-term reserve
  • and thanks to the option to set regular payments free of charge, you will save on bank charges

Where can you get Generali Invest Account?

To acquire Generali Invest Account is very easy. It is sufficient to just complete this simple form and we will contact you. We will guide you through all the formalities and we will help you set the parameters of Generali Invest Account so that it is most favourable for you.

For faster processing you can specify “Generali Invest Account “ in the comments field.

Contact form


The establishment of Generali Invest Account is free. We will charge you neither for the maintenance nor for any transfers. There is no charge for Account cancellation either.

Further investment in the funds offered by ČP INVEST - through the life of the investment program PARTNER Invest - is charged according to current product price list.


  • Generali Invest Account is a marketing name for Generali CEE Cash & Bond Fund with additional services that maximize the comfort of using this product.
  • Generali Invest Account is the most conservative product in our product portfolio. This product is suitable for conservative investors with little or no experience with investing.
  • Generali Invest Account invests primarily in securities guaranteed by the State (government bonds, treasury bills), in term deposits in reputable banks and in short-term, highly secure bonds. Therefore, it is possible to classify the investment risk as practically the lowest.
  • Generali Invest Account is managed by a team of experienced professionals from Generali Investments CEE, a.s., which is the largest asset manager in the Czech Republic.


Generali Invest Account (Generali CEE Cash & Bond Fund ) achieves – in comparison with banking – more interesting returns. Quality conservative investments are represented in the portfolio of Generali Invest Account.

Warning of risk: Investment in mutual funds contains the risk of fluctuations in the current value of the invested amount. The value of investments and relevant revenue can rise and fall while no return of the originally invested amount is guaranteed. Compliance with the recommended investment period and regular monthly investment substantially reduces the effect of market fluctuations.