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BABY Invest - for your child

“Mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, think about my future wisely and start saving some money for me on a regular basis now! I would like to have my entrance into the adult world simpler than yours. After all, studies alone can cost as much as EUR 14,000. Every euro will come in handy. Set up the BABY Invest for me, let it take care of me."

Do you wish to financially secure your baby, your grandson or granddaughter for the future and make his or her start in life easier?

Benefit from the BABY Invest account, a children's investment account, which is designed exclusively for children. The BABY Invest account is concluded in favour of the child, so the saved money will be available directly to your offspring on the day when he or she has reached 18 years of age.

What can BABY Invest give to your child?

Regular monthly investment


Invested funds

Achieved appreciation

One-off bonus

Payment of a monthly scholarship from 18 years of age

On the day of maturity your offspring will receive all the saved money including the achieved appreciation.

We will pay this money according to your wish:

  • monthly – as a regular monthly scholarship, or
  • it will remain on the BABY Invest account available for any use.

The paid amounts can be surprisingly high even though you set aside relatively small amounts. That is because the capital markets will take care of your revenues. The sooner you have started depositing the money on the BABY Invest account, the less you have to save monthly and the more your child can get.

How does the BABY Invest work?

The BABY Invest account works on the principle of regular monthly investments of the same amount. Your funds deposited to the BABY Invest account will be continuously spread among multiple types of investments, so that the payment of the yields for your child is as interesting as possible due to the distribution of funds among several investment opportunities. The money will be continuously invested primarily in equity and bond funds.

Anybody can save money on the BABY Invest account (for example grandfather or grandmother), however the agreement for the BABY Invest account must be signed by the child’s legal guardian in favour of the child – usually a parent.

When signing the contract, it is necessary to present the guardian’s identity card and the child's birth certificate. In the event of a custodian it is the court’s decision on the custody determination.

The BABY Invest is a product concluded for a whole number of years. It terminates on the year when the shareholder has reached 18 years of age rather than exactly on the day of the birthday.

Payment of the Investment, the scholarship - is not conditioned by studies. Once your offspring has reached 18 years of age, the saved money can be used for any purpose. However, do you know any better help to life than by securing money for studies? This investment always pays off!

Baby Invest account
Balanced variant

Financial Security
for your Child

  • Phase 1

    18 - 13 years
  • Phase 2

    12 - 9 years
  • Phase 3

    8 - 6 years
  • Phase 4

    5 - 3 years
  • Phase 5

    2 - 1 years

Baby Invest account
Dynamic variant

Financial Security
for your Child

  • Phase 1

    18 - 13 years
  • Phase 2

    12 - 9 years
  • Phase 3

    8 - 1 years

Warning about risk: In line with general terms and conditions for collective investments we point out that the performance of mutual funds in the past does not guarantee the same performance in the future. The value of the investment can fluctuate, so it is not possible to guarantee full return on the invested amount.

Basic information

Product name: BABY Invest (BI-EUR)
Account number for payments: IBAN: CZ4255000000005020018438
Variable symbol: minor's policy number
Minimum subscription  for the first purchase: EUR 100
Minimum subscription for  subsequent purachses: EUR 10
Minimum subscription for regular investment EUR 10

On what principles the BABY Invest account works?

The product consists of five successive portfolios (phases) with predetermined composition and duration. Each phase contains a different proportion of equity and bond funds in combination with money market funds. The duration of individual phases gradually decreases as the proportion of conservative instruments in the portfolio grows.

The composition of individual phases changes depending on the investment horizon. Your investments are gradually and automatically transferred from equity to conservative investment strategies. The BABY Invest account is based on the portfolio structure of Generali Invest CEE investment programs. Your investment is classified into a relevant phase based on an investment period specified by you (investment horizon). When this phase has finished, the investment is automatically transferred to the next phase. In addition, your portfolio is adjusted each year to the correct investment proportions in order to maximize its benefits at a lower level of risk – the portfolio is rebalanced.

BALANCED variant - portfolio composition

Phase typeNumber of yearsEquity fundsCorporate Bonds FundCash & Bond Fund
Phase 1 - DIP 18-13 100% - -
Phase 2 - DBIP 12-9 75% 25% -
Phase 3 - BIP 8-6 50% 25% 25%
Phase 4 - CBIP 5-3 25% 45% 30%
Phase 5 - CIP 2-product end - 50% 50%

DIP - Generali CEE Dynamic Investment Program,  DBIP - Generali CEE Dynamic Balanced Investment Program, BIP - Generali CEE Balanced Investment Program, CBIP - Generali CEE Conservative Balanced Investment Program, CIP - Generali CEE Conservative Investment Program

DYNAMIC variant - portfolio composition

Phase typeNumber of years Equity fundsCorporate Bonds FundCash & Bond Fund 
Phase 1 - DIP 18-11 100% - -
Phase 2 - DBIP 10-6 75% 25% -
Phase 3 - BIP 5-product end 50% 25% 25%

DIP - Generali CEE Dynamic Investment Program,  DBIP - Generali CEE Dynamic Balanced Investment Program, BIP - Generali CEE Balanced Investment Program

Zloženie investičných inštrumentov - jednotlivé podielové fondy

Phase 1 - - 25% 25% 35% 15%
Phase 2 - 25% 20% 20% 25% 10%
Phase 3 25% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5%
Phase 4 30% 45% 15% - 10% -
Phase 5 50% 50% - - - -

CBF-EUR: Generali CEE Cash & Bond Fund, COF-EUR: Generali CEE Corporate Bonds Fund, GBF-EUR: Generali CEE Blobal Brands Fund, OEF-EUR: Generali CEE Oil Industry & Energy Production Fund, NEF-EUR: Generali CEE New Economies Fund, COMF-EUR: Generali CEE Commodity Fund

To simplify the entry of children into the world of adults is not expensive

The entrance fee depends on the invested amount and the phase in which you make your investment.

If you specify the target amount, you will subscribe the fee according to the current phase, and you do not pay any other entrance fees until you exceed the target amount. You can invest through regular payments or lump-sum payments up to this target amount.

You can increase the target amount at any time, you will pay just the fee from the difference. If you fail to increase the target amount in advance, the investments exceeding this amount will be charged as lump-sum payments.

Peter is one year old. His dad decided that he would save for him EUR 50 each month into the BABY Invest account.
  • What amount will Peter has available when he A190is 18 years old?
  • What amount of scholarship will Peter receive for 5 years?
Regular deposit EUR 50 monthly
Deposited funds (in the year of 18th birthday) EUR 10,200
Appreciated funds (in the year of 18th birthday) EUR 16,178*
Scholarship (for 5 years) EUR 299 monthly

* Expected revenue in the example is calculated based on long-term historical revenues in capital markets.

Example 1 - Subscription of target amount

Father decided to save for Peter, who is now 1 year old, EUR 50 monthly on the BABY Invest acount with investment period 17 years (untill Peter is 18)

  •  target amount: 10,200 (EUR 50 monthly x 17 years)

Calculation of the entrance fee:  3.70% x 10,200 = EUR 377.40

Example 2 - Increase of target amount

When Peter was 10 years old, his parents decided to save more money to the BABY Invest account and increased the target amount to EUR 100 / month.

  • The change occurred in 8th yeasr prior to the BABY Invest account end, i.e. in Phase 3
  • Original target amount: EUR 10,200

Calculation of the entrance fee from the difference EUR 4,800 = 2.05% x 4,800 =EUR  98.40

Note: If client does not increase the target amount in advance, the investments exceeding this amount will be charged as lump-sum payments.